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Chinese companies unite against the American Google Play Store.

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android malware

Millions of Android smartphones infected with malware hidden in hundreds of applications.

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pic of bliss os

Running Android on a computer as an operating system is no longer impossible with bliss os .

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Learn about what's the new in the latest update of the Google MAP app .

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Here are the most useful and important keyboard shortcuts for Firefox

march 02,2020
firefox shortcuts keyboard

Not everyone like to use keyboard shortcuts but, if you're like that and want to get things done quickly, you have to know some of the most common keyboard shortcuts for Firefox. Here are the most important and useful keyboard shortcuts for Firefox 1. Open a new tab Open A New Tab You just have to move the mouse pointer to the + sign in the browser, just press.

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The South Korean government decides to move to Linux and keep distance from Windows

february 28,2020
windows linux

The Korean government decided to not plan to update Windows 7 to Windows 10 after Windows 7 support ends on January 14 this year, due to its intention to reduce licensing costs and reduce dependence on Microsoft..

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Microsoft merges Word, Excel and PowerPoint into one Android app named microsof office available on google play store

february 19,2020

formally, Microsoft makes its new Office is available on play store for all Android users.

last year 2019, Microsoft began testing process for its new Office application, which combined both the Excel Word and PowerPort application in one application named microsoft office.

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