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Here are the most useful and important keyboard shortcuts for Firefox  

march 02,2020
firefox keyboard

Not everyone like to use keyboard shortcuts but, if you're like that and want to get things done quickly, you have to know some of the most common keyboard shortcuts for Firefox.

Here are the most important and useful keyboard shortcuts for Firefox

1. Open a new tab Open A New Tab

You just have to move the mouse pointer to the + sign in the browser, just press CTRL + T to open a new tab in the same window.

2. Open a new tab in a new window Open A New Tab In A New Window

If you want to open a new window with a new tab, just press CTRL + N

3. Close the tab Close A Tab

Just press CTRL + W to make your active tab disappear!

4. Open a private browsing window Open A New Private Window

Don't want to store your browsing history? You can try out the private browsing mode by pressing CTRL + Shift + P

5. Close your browser once Close Your Browser At Once

Press CTRL + Shift + W to close all tabs at once. However, you may get a message to confirm this.

6. View your downloads View Your Downloads

Want to take a quick look at your downloads? All you have to do is press CTRL + Shift + Y

7. Add a bookmark to a webpage | Bookmark A Webpage

To bookmark a webpage, press CTRL + D and press ENTER to save it.

8. Select the address bar | Select the Address / Search Bar

If you want to search for something through the address bar, press CTRL + L

9. Check your browsing history Check Browsing History

It usually takes a few clicks to display your browsing history however, you can just press CTRL + H to launch the sidebar to view your history instantly.

10. Search for text on a webpage | Find A Text In Webpage

Simply press CTRL + F then type the exact word, and matching words should appear if they are present. What are Firefox keyboard shortcuts you use? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.