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Opera Updates Its Browser With A Unique Feature To Organize Tabs

february 29,2020

The Opera Foundation announced last Tuesday, the launch of a new version of its web browser with an important feature designed to help users overcome the disorder of many tabs that may open simultaneously while browsing.

In the latest version - codenamed R2020 - Opera launched from the browser its new feature called "Workspaces" that allows users to organize tabs based on their various connection, such as: work, leisure activities, personal projects, research, travel planning, etc. .

The (Workspaces) feature targets users who open multiple tabs at the same time, and it allows them to overcome the problem of searching for a definite tab between all of those tabs. Opera says : It found that 65% of users want to keep the browser organized, and there are 60% of them want a feature that enables them to collect tabs by group.

The new "Workspaces" feature permits users to make up to 5 workspaces, name them, and customize them with different icons. And when the user wants to open any link, the feature allows him to choose the workspace in which he wants to open the tab, and tabs can also be moved between workspaces.

In order to facilitate access to different workspaces, the new feature comes with the shortcut Ctrl + Tab that allows to switch between workspaces easily, and there is a new tool that informs the user if there are any duplicate tabs in more than one workspace.

It is plausible that Opera is still feeling pain in the browser market, although it is a pioneer in the introduction of many new features, as it launched compact wallets for cryptocurrencies, and a free VPN service built into its browser. Also it launched in October / October last month a new version of the browser with built -in tracker blocker, as well as launched in June last browser games with unique advantages.

In addition, the latest version of the Opera browser can be downloaded from its website . In addition, the latest version of the Opera browser can be downloaded from its website .