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How can you locate a lost or stolen Android phone

february 26,2020
find my device app

Among The Worst thing That May Happen To You Is The Loss Or Theft Of Your Phone Because it Has Become A Very Important thing in Our Life Because Of The Information And Personal Data, And Even Our Bank Accounts, In This Article We Will Review For You Some Of The Ways That May Benefit You In Knowing The Location Of The Phone And retake It In If It Is Lost Or Stolen.

Google Provides Its Android Users With A collection Of Solutions Via E-Mail, Exactly The Find-Your-Phone app Service .

The First Way:

You Must Have The Email You Use On Your Lost Phone. You Will Then Go To The Service Here: Https://Myaccount.Google.Com/Find-Your-Phone You Log In With The Same E-Mail On Your Lost Phone. Then You Choose Your Phone, So A Map With The Location Of Your Phone Will Appear, So That You Can Reach Its Location. Google FindMy Device

The Second Way:

Which Should Be Used If Your Phone Is Lost Nearby:
We Go To The Same Link: Https://Myaccount.Google.Com/Find-Your-Phone

After Choosing Your Phone There Is A RING Or Ringing Option Which Makes Your Phone Ring At The Loudest Sound For 5 Minutes. Another Option That May Help You In Case The Phone Is Lost And Not Stolen Which Is The Secure Device Feature Which Is That You Can Lock The Phone Screen And Display A Message On It Telling It That The Phone Is Missing And You Are Its Owner And Add A Phone Number To Contact You In Case He Wants To Return The Phone To You.

Last Solution:

Of Course, Many Of Those Who Lose Their Phones Have The Most Important To Them That Their Files Such As Photos And Videos In Addition To Communication Accounts And Even Bank Accounts Are Not Seized And Seized, So There Is An Option To Wipe The Device Data DELETE DEVICE DATA .

Through Which Your Phone Is Formatted And All Data Is Erased.