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Apple Plans To Launch A Laptop Without An Intel Processor

february 26,2020

Apple plans to launch its first ARM laptop computer in absence of Intel processor in the first half of 2021, depending on statements by a prominent analyst who often predicts Apple's trends before its appearance ( Ming-Chi Kuo) , who said: “The new Mac It will come sometime in the period 12 to 18 months, and will contain an internal processor that was not developed by Intel. ”

Kuo expects that one of the new Apple products that are supposed to be announced within the next 12 to 18 months is a Mac equipped with an internal processor, instead of using the CPU from Intel, and over the past two years many reports have emerged about the transfer of Apple To an ARM processor designed specifically for Macs, but the current statements allows a specific timeframe for when to expect this launch.

The prominent analyst had made similar forecasts in 2018 shortly after the series of published news reports on the topic, which made it clear that Apple would abandon Intel CPUs to focus on on-demand processors based on ARM architecture.

Apple has not completely confirmed its purposes to abandon Intel CPUs on its Mac computers, but vacancies and major assignments over the past few years have strongly mention to its intentions to build processor for its laptop and desktop computers, resembling to what it began to do with the iPhone.

The move could allow Apple to reduce its reliance on third parties, and ARM architecture forms the basis for the processor for Apple products such as its Apple Watch, iPad and iPhone, and the company has been working aggressively in the ARM design department to solidify its plans to create more internal components.

In the event that this change occurs from Intel processors in Macs to particularly designed ARM processors, it is an important shift for Apple that permits it to have more flexibility with Mac hardware updates, as well as improving the efficiency of hardware and software to improve the experience.

The analyst clarified also that, since the outbreak of the Corona virus, Apple has escalated funding, research and development efforts to produce processor manufactured according to the 5 nm technology, so that these processor are expected in the first Macs equipped with ARM processing units, because these processor will be an integral part of the devices IPhone and iPad are supposed to be released later this year.