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4 webSites among the best To Help You Prepare For The Job Interview

february 25,2020
job interview

on any way exist alot questions that seek answers when preparing for a job interview, such as: What should you put on or wear, how should your body language be during the interview, and what type of questions do they ask?

luckily, on the Internet there are many websites that are presided by experienced people, and they give you many tips and steps to help you prepare and prepare well for what is expected in the next job interview.

Here are 4 sites to learn how to prepare and prepare for a job interview

1 - The Interview Guys: ( Jeff Gillis) and (Mike Simpson), the founders of The Interview Guys , offer a wide dilation of tips on how to prepare for the job interview, and related matters, where you will find general advice on all types of interviews, as well as tips for specific jobs such as: Sales, product management, or marketing.

You will also find that they have devoted answers to every question that can be expected in the job interview such as: (What are you proud of), or (What is the salary you expect), and they have a YouTube channel in which they present the articles published on the site in a fun and attractive way using animation.

2- Interview Workbook: Recruitment experts at the University of Manitoba in Canada intended for an online guide to use in recruitment procedures within the university, but it was then published for free online, and has become one of the best e-books to learn about every side of the interview.

The guide takes you gradually to prepare for the job interview through seven steps: research, matching skills with the job, anticipating and practicing questions, preparing questions to ask, the actual interview process, follow-up after the interview, and negotiating salaries. This is a professional instruction that deserves to read every part of it, for the ease of content in it and it is presented beautifully with tables, drawings, tips and questions that you must answer in preparation for the most important work interview in your life.

3- Pathrise's Job Guides: In a job interview we find that small companies try to resemble big companies in the quality of questions submitted to the job candidate, Pathrise's Job Guides help you with a summary of job interviews for more than 200 principal companies so you know what to expect.

The list includes names like: Amazon , Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Netflix , 23andme, Dell, Electronic Arts, Siemens and Uber, and it categorizes job interview questions according to the type of job you are looking for.

4- Interview School: Interview School offers a virtual job interview test via video, then analyzes this interview with artificial intelligence algorithms . The free version includes a basic video interview, based on the 10 most common job interview questions.

Before each question, there are five seconds before you to think before answering, and the application records your interview, analyzes it, and informs you about the quality of your performance, and the weaknesses that you have to be careful to.