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Google Warns Against Installing Its Applications On Huawei Devices

february 25,2020
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Google declared a new post aiming to clarify the current situation with Huawei , after the United States government prevented companies last year from working with the Chinese device maker Huawei, where the research giant made clear that there is still a lot of illuminate about what is happening, and on Specifically, any products from Huawei are exposed to the ban of Google services.

Tristan Ostrowski, legal director of the Android system and the Google Play Store , wrote : “Google is prohibited from working with Huawei on new device models or the stock of its applications, including Gmail, Maps, YouTube and the Google Play Store, for the previous download, or Download them to these devices.

This blog entry for ordinary consumers comes after the huge research received many questions about new Huawei devices, such as new models that are launching now, or previous models that were launched after May 16, 2019, but it is now available in new regions of the world, and can its applications be used on These devices.

And Google wanted to provide clear guidance to those who ask these important questions, specifically on how to unofficially access - via a side load - its applications in those unauthenticated phones and tablets.

The company is concerned about the average user of the new Huawei device wishing to access its well-known applications such as YouTube, and is also concerned that unofficial sources of these downloads may be harmful, and that ordinary users may not understand the risks involved.