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What is Apple's surprise about its low price phone?

february 24,2020
apple phone

John Prosser, a specialist in technical news, explained that " Apple " will use a new name for its new release, contrary to the widespread expectations that the new name, which is slated to be released next March, is "iPhone SE 2" or "9".

The specialist explained that he knew from a source working at the company, that "Apple" would choose the name "iPhone" only for the expected "low price" phone

And the specialist in technical news attributed that the source stated that the decision of "Apple" came based on its new strategy, which it adopts with its products, due to many of its names, which have become confounding consumers, which resulted in not achieving the good sales that you expect from its release.

64 GB and a price of $ 399, while the price of the phone will be 128 GB, $ 449. According to this source.

he source said that the announcement of new Apple products will be during an event, scheduled for late next month, but no official date has been set for the disclosure of the latest creations of "Apple"; as a result of its production in China being affected by the outbreak of the new Corona epidemic , which prompted it to close a number From factories there.

It is reported that it is usual for Apple to launch its main phones in September every year, but sometimes other phones are released at different times of the year.