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Facebook gives its users money to record their voices in messenger

february 23,2020

it was a rumor says that facebook was listening to the audio recordings that its users send via Messenger to improve its capabilities to recognize voices, classify words and convert sound into writing. But these exercises have stopped and now the facebook company comes in a more frankly way and will give you an amout of money for each track you record for it.

Facebook has began a project named Pronunciations as part of its ViewPoints application. This application used to authorise users to answer some referendums and get money for that, and now it will allow the submission of sound for money.

For every recorded audio clip, Facebook will provide the user with 200 points, and every thousand points can be exchanged for $ 5, which means that one registration is approximately $ 1.

Terms of joining the program is that it is only accessible to users within the United States of America and those aged 18 years and over and have 75 friends on Facebook or more.

Recorded clips include the pronunciation of the phrase "Hey Portal" and then a few sentences in addition to the first name of some of your friends. Clearly, Facebook wants to develop its voice recognition capabilities for its home portal.

It is reported that many American technology companies such as Google, Amazon, and Apple were listening to audio recordings of their service users in order to develop their own voice recognition algorithms. Later, they all canceled their projects and provided a way for users to delete the collected data about them.