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Corona virus disrupts iPhone 12 production process in china

february 22,2020

obviously that the new Corona virus and its rapid spread in China will affect not only the health, but also the worldwide economic, commercial and industrial side, and it appears to be that Apple is one of the largest affected by this epidemic at the industrial level, especially its new and expected phone. IPhone 12.

last days there were a rumor that the new iPhone 12 industry process may be widely affected by the epidemic of Corona virus, which is spreading mainly in China, where the American company's handling factories, and again, a report on the specialized site Digitimes confirms this, where indicated The report states that due to the epidemic, a number of production process have been permanently suspended until new instructions are received from the Chinese authorities.

This matter will inevitably affect the production of large quantities of iPhone 12 phones that are expected to be officially unveiled in September of this year, which means that the amounts produced from this phone will not be sufficient for the corporation when the release date is in September, which is It also means that this appointment may be delayed for additional weeks.

On the other side, the report indicates that the iPhone 9 phones that are assumed to be launched by Apple next March were not affected by the new phenomenon.