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From now you'll never need strong computer software or a photo editer to restore or revive your old photos.

february 20,2020

I have always searched for an app or computer software that modify old photos of have poor quality,especialy pics that carrying old and beautiful memories, I did not despair of searching again and again, but nevertheless I came across only unsubstantiated programs or applications that only have a fake title, even It coincides with sites, but you have doubts about their credibility ... All these points find obstructions that you encounter on your road to stumbling on what might help you in modifying your photos and reviving them again.

But lately there has been news about the techniques of artificial intelligence in the repair and restoration of the old pictures, and indeed this technology has succeeded in returning an old-fashioned image of very poor quality to an image with a quality greater than the quality of 2K, so in this article we will share with you an officially released application that can restoring your old photos and reviving them, or let us return the youth with high quality


Remini app to repair old photos

Remini - photo enhancer is an app specially designed for smartphones, which was released nearly 4 weeks ago officially on the App-store and Play-store stores. As its main idea, it is to reconstruct old photos that have some distortions in accuracy due to the existed cameras that time. , To high-resolution images and quality, all based on artificial intelligence algorithms. The app uses it to define colors and shapes with great precision and great consistency.

application is currently officially available for Android and IOS devices, but in a paid form, that is, you can choose between the two either to make a monthly subscription, which reaches $ 4.99 or pay for the image, i.e. against the price of one picture, but despite that The application provides users with a free space estimated by the numbers of photos to be able to restore

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