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Play Protect of android os blocked 1.9 billion malware installations outside the Play Store

february 14,2020
play protect

The rise of this number explain two things. First is that Play Protect is a good at detected and stopping malware than it was in last years.

Second, it can also explain that alot of Android users are being tricked onto installing malware-infected apps from website or another sources

The capability to scan and detect malware being installed from out of play store is a recent feature of the Android OS, one that was added in May 2017.

Whether for the Google Play Store, outside and on Android devices, the Play Protect keeps scanning apps

Google anticipates a little figure on the publication of its next annual security report on Android and gives some figures concerning its Play Protect service .

In 2019, this security service forbade the installation of more than 1.9 billion malware from outside Google Play store.

This figure is significantly increased comparing to 2018 when Google reported with Play Protect the blocking of 1.6 billion installations of potentially dangerous applications outside the Play Store.

Protection for Android devices (more than 2.5 billion devices affected)

Last year, system of play protect improved and machine learning systems also assisted to prevent more than 790,000 apps that violated the app store policy from being published and uploaded in the Play Store.

android malware

a new privacy policy being adopted by google regarding access to SMS and the call log, Google also points out that there has been a 98% drop in applications accessing such data. For other applications, this access is their main function.

Beautiful and large figures, which does not prevent discoveries on harmful applications ... including in the Google Play Store .

Also, to strengthen the security of the Google Play Store and identify potentially dangerous Android applications, Google has partnered with ESET, Lookout and Zimperium as part of the App Defense Alliance .