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Learn about what's the new in the latest update of the Google MAP app

february 13,2020
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usually with Google’s applications, it regularly announces latest updates,due to improving the quality of its applications, and also to fill security holes so that the user’s privacy is not in the hands of the third party, not only that, but Google also create new surprises in relation to updates on The level of the user interface on its own applications, as a competition between the services provided by companies.

Just a few weeks ago, and as usual, Google developed a new update for one of its applications, and without arguing the application dazzle you from the first time you check itt, here we look at the Google-MAP application, where some professional tools have been added that help both From road users and visitors to go and roam in complete comfort without any problems, as the first point the company developed its own mapping systems and invested in the aspect related to artificial intelligence in order to facilitate the individual or user of the application to adapt to the application more smoothly.

And now it has again followed up for its users a small gift application, which is a challenge at the level of application design, it coincided with the birthday of the application itself, and here in this post we will highlight the improvements that have been added to the Google map application.

google map app

The new update to the Google MAP app

Not to mention the new design of the application icon, which is totally different from the previous versions. The application came with two amazing features as a gift for its 15th anniversary of its announcement, and indeed the two features came with two important points.

The new design for the application

largest tabs Change in the recent Google Map application is the updated user interface which has become more appropriate in addition to the aesthetic in terms of design and color composition, even if you are using the application continuously you will remark that a tab strip has been modified at the bottom of the interface, it carries Five icons for different windows, to facilitate the user to navigate between them easily to control them because they became close and while holding the phone in the event of walking or in the case of driving the car, it was with one click that you can move between important windows.

A Windows Explorer icon : provides reviews and recommendations for everything related to public places including restaurants, sights, the hospital, café and more.

Commute window icon :A dedicated window to give you estimates regarding travel time and correct orientation to the site and also alerts for traffic and many more ...

window icon Saved window: through which you can customize your places and save them and also through which you can share with friends

a window icon Contribute: through which you can put comments and pictures about the place you visited to express your opinion and what you like it in that place

window icon Updates: includes updates witnessed in the places that you visited to be informed of everything new about it.

Offer live assistance and transit features

It is a very useful technology, especially for people traveling on public transport. Through this feature, you can partially learn about all the questions that go through your minds, including the path that will lead you to problems. Are there places for comfort while traveling and are there all the amenities needed? Supports amenities about the needs of people with special needs and a lot ... and this is based on comments and reviews of people who visited the place soon and here the artificial darkness begins with its guest to help you solve all your questions, and all this so that you have a vision of what will happen to you before you discover it.