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Running Android on a computer as an operating system is no longer impossible with bliss os 

february 12,2020
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alot of people like to run Android on their computers, for various reasons including playing games on a bigger screen and testing apps before they run and this is for developers,. Whatever the reason, there are many ways in which you can run Android on a computer.

A desktop operating system, designed to run Android games on the computer screen, Phoenix OS has improved fast in recent years. The latest Android 9 version may not work on it, but with Android 7.1, most apps and the advantages in the OS will still work nicely, in addition to that you can play games like PUBG Mobile and free fire and all the games you like without problems

It is one of the most immovable operating systems available to run Android applications on the computer and Google Play comes installed by default and it requires VirtualBox to be installed to run on your computer, the latest version of which comes with Android 9 version.

Bliss OS is a full-featured Android-on-PC operating system that means it is a separate Android operating system. It also comes with Google Play, so you can use all your favorite applications on your computer as desired. Unlikely some other projects, it is more stable. Running Android on a computer is no longer impossible, bliss os so now you have the full ability to convert Android into a full-featured PC operating system. Regardless of your specific needs.