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Apple will test AMD processors on its Mac to replace Intel processors  

february 11,2020
amd mac intel

Apple will test AMD processors in its upcoming devices to replace inter processors

Last Wednesday, Apple introduced macOS 10.15.4 beta for developers. In this version of its operating system, references to AMD processorss are detected. To be more accurate with APU, for an accelerated CPU, these processors combine into one CPU and GPU

amd, the eternal second, which aspires to dismantle kings

AMD, Apple's longtime partner in graphics, has made tremendous progress in the past two years, whether on CPU or GPU,. Zen platform has improved significantly since its launch in 2017, and the arrival of the new RDNA architecture last year seems to be the first step towards a strong re-acquisition of the GPU market.

Thanks to these efforts, AMD has motivated the leaders of these two markets, Intel and Nvidia. So Apple may find it useful to adopt AMD All-in-One solutions.