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Millions of Android smartphones infected with malware hidden in hundreds of applications  

february 10,2020
android adware

many of the advertising programs that have already been installed on millions of phones

White Ops  It is an information security company, publishing a study on its website showing that there are more than a hundred applications available on the Google Play store

 It has been downloaded by more than 4.6 million smartphones containing programs that broadcast advertisements

Millions of infected smartphones

This malware is silently running to display pop-up ads on users ’devices when the time comes.

Best Fortune Explorer is one of these malicious applications that was discovering by White Ops security company

It was published last September of the year 2019. It passes unobstructed under the radar of antivirus scans and has been downloaded more than 170,000 times.

Ads not showing immediately after fake apps being installed.
Soraka waiting slightly before running, to avoid getting caught by different antivirus. Then ads are displayed when the user unlocks his screen, to confuse the problem and prevent the user from specifying the source of those ads.

In addition to detailed clarifications on how these advertising programs work,White Ops announced On its website has a list of 104 Android apps affected by Soraka