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Chinese companies unite against the American Google Play Store

february 08,2020
chinese companies

China and the United States have experienced deteriorating developments in recent times regarding the smart phone industry and areas of information development because of the problems that occurred between them and culminated in the imposition of a ban and sanctions on Chinese technology companies cost them a lot, which prompted Chinese companies to take a new step.

According to the information circulating in the sites, four major Chinese and international companies have taken the level of smartphones and mobile devices, namely Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi and Vivo, to create an online store for applications and it seems that it will be the biggest competitor to the famous Google platform Google Play Store, which monopolizes it. Google applications market on its Android system,

The new alliance between Chinese companies

The new alliance between the four Chinese companies is called Global Developer Service Alliance  And developers will be suggested to upload copies of their different applications on this new store, and Reuters says that this new store will be available in nine regions headed by important countries such as India and Russia, which are countries with high population density and traditional markets for Chinese companies.

It is known that these four Chinese companies represent nearly 40 percent of the global smartphone market, which indicates that the success of such a project may negatively affect Google.