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Chinese companies unite against the American Google Play Store.

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android malware

Millions of Android smartphones infected with malware hidden in hundreds of applications.

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pic of bliss os

Opera Updates Its Browser With A Unique Feature To Organize Tabs.

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Learn about what's the new in the latest update of the Google MAP app .

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Apple will test AMD processors on its Mac to replace Intel processors

february 11,2020

Apple will test AMD processors in its upcoming devices to replace inter processors

Last Wednesday, Apple introduced macOS 10.15.4 beta for developers. In this version of its operating system, references to AMD processorss are detected. To be more accurate with APU, for an accelerated CPU, these processors combine into one CPU and GPU

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Corona virus disrupts iPhone 12 production process in china

february 22,2020
apple coronna

obviously that the new Corona virus and its rapid spread in China will affect not only the health, but also the worldwide economic, commercial and industrial side, and it appears to be that Apple is one of the largest affected by this epidemic at the industrial level, especially its new and expected phone. IPhone 12.

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Apple Plans To Launch A Laptop Without An Intel Processor

february 26,2020
apple laptop

Apple plans to launch its first ARM laptop computer in absence of Intel processor in the first half of 2021, depending on statements by a prominent analyst who often predicts Apple's trends before its appearance ( Ming-Chi Kuo) , who said: “The new Mac It will come sometime in the period 12 to 18 months, and will contain an internal processor that was not developed by Intel. ”

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